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ACA/ICA now offers an innovative awards program to professional breeders who want to communicate and advertise their high quality kennels. ACA/ICA always endeavors to provide fine breeders, such as yourself, with new techniques and tools for marketing your puppies. Now breeders have an opportunity to have "Achievement of Excellence Star Breeder Award 2010-11" printed next to their name on each ACA or ICA puppy application form. By achieving high ratings, breeders will demonstrate their high goals and accomplishments to potential clients. The star rating will be the standard that customers will use to measure and compare the quality of their puppy's breeder, and every kennel will certainly want to achieve as high a rating as possible.

Participation in this program is completely voluntary. It assures the customer buying a puppy from you or at a pet store, that you are a professional. You will want to receive deserved credit for all that you do. This rating system is only available to breeders who register their litters with ACA/ICA, so if you are not an ACA and ICA breeder, register your litters now to take advantage of this offer. Being a part of the award system is free. Don't lose this opportunity to add this valuable award recognition to your high quality kennel!!

5 Star

How Does it Works?

The "Achievement of Excellence" Star Breeder Program has 5 levels. By completing all the requirements outlined below, a breeder would earn five stars and be considered top of the line! By completing some of the requirements, a facility can still earn stars to indicate high quality services. Achieving a five star status certainly proves to clients and potential clients that you are a professional and high quality breeder. Earning stars in this rating system shows that you have the dedication and commitment in producing the very best puppies possible!


Contact our office at 1-800-651-8332 and indicate that you are interested in the Star Breeder Program. Our friendly customer service staff will explain the steps in proving your star requirements. All dog shows and educational experiences must be ACA sanctioned to receive credit toward your star ratings. Please feel free to call for more information.



ACA/ICA believes that this five star rating system will enable potential puppy customer clients to quickly identify professional and high quality breeders. Pet store sales associates are easily able to provide assurance when answering the uncomfortable question: Did this puppy come from a puppy mill? Customers searching for certifications, recommendations, and the health of puppies will be reassured that they are dealing with an excellent and trustworthy breeder. We believe that this system will enable breeders to show the quality of their breeding, ongoing education, veterinary care, and proper husbandry techniques thereby increasing the value of their pups and adults dogs. ACA/ICA endeavors to improve the image of the industry and believes that this reward system will identify superior breeders. Please take this opportunity to become a part of this valuable enterprise. Call ACA at 1-800-651-8332. Become a part of our dedicated Star Breeder organization today!

1. test    26. Gordon_Everett_Star_Breeder    51. Lucy Martin Star Dog Breeder 2016   
2. Classy Creations    27. Harriett Boggs Star Dog Breeder    52. Matthew B. Stoltzfus Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
3. Philip Hoover Star Breeder Award Certificate    28. Harvey Rissler Star Dog Breeder    53. Menno Yoder Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
4. AJ's Angels kennel Star Breeder Certificate    29. Holly Young Star Dog Breeder Certificate    54. Michael and Pam Franke Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
5. Alisa Breedlove Star Dog Breeder Certificate    30. Horsing Around Farms Star Dog Breeder    55. paul_and_sheila_haag_star_dog_breeder_certificate   
6. Alvin Zimmerman 2017 Star Dog Breeder Certificate    31. Irene Chupp Star Dog Breeder    56. paul_haag_star_dog_breeder_certificate   
7. Angie McDuffee Star Dog Breeder Certificate    32. Ivan Burkholder Dog Breeder Certificate    57. Paul Swartzentruber Star Dog Breeder   
8. Bernice Rissler Star Dog Breeder    33. Ivan Mast Dog Breeder Star Certificate    58. Raymond Hoover Star Dog Breeder   
9. Beverly Hargis Star Dog Breeder    34. Jacob Stoltzfus Star Breeder Certificate    59. Ray Yoder   
10. Bob Mackey Star Breeder    35. Jenny Marti Star Dog Breeder    60. rex_walker_star_dog_breeder_certificate   
11. Canine_Corral_Huntington_NY_5_Star_Proffesional_De    36. John Shirk Star Dog Breeder    61. sandra_walker_star_dog_breeder   
12. Canine Corral Kennels Huntington Certificate    37. Joseph Graber Star Dog Breeder    62. Sarah Soverns Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
13. Cindy Hubers Dog Breeder Star Certificate    38. Joy Gastler Dog Breeder Star Certificate    63. Shake_A_Paw_Union_NJ_Star_Retailer_Certificate   
14. Classy Creations Kennel Lyons NY Star Breeder Certificate    39. Judy Maassen Star Dog Breeder Certificate    64. sheila_haag_star_dog_breeder_certificate   
15. Clearwater_Kennels_Cushing_MN_Star_Breeder_Certifi    40. Kathy Knoll Star Breeder    65. Sonja Headings Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
16. Clifford Nolt Star Dog Breeder    41. Kathy Kroner Star Dog Breeder    66. Stephen Stoltzfoos Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
17. Curtis Martin Star Dog Breeder Certificate    42. Kimbertal Kennels Star Breeder Certificate 2016-17    67. Steve Kruse Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
18. David Swartzentruber Star dog, breeder Certificate    43. Larry Knoll Star Dog Breeder    68. Summerset Farms of New York Star Dog Breeder Certificate   
19. Debra Ritter Star Dog Breeder    44. Lercy_Alvarez_Star_Breeder_Certificate    69. test2   
20. Doris Morlock Star Dog Breeder    45. leroy_stoltzfus_star_dog_breeder_certificate    70. test3   
21. earl_light_star_dog_breeder    46. Lester Martin Star Dog Breeder    71. Tina Schumer Star Dog Breeder   
22. Eli Coblentz Star Dog Breeder    47. Levi Kauffman Star Dog Breeder    72. Tri-Star Kennel Star Breeder Certificate   
23. Ellen Roberts Star Dog Breeder Certificate    48. Linda Fadigan Star Dog Breeder    73. valley_view_kennels_mn_star_breeder   
24. Emanuel Stoltzfus Star Dog Breeder Certificate    49. Loren Nolt Star Dog Breeder    74. Wilmar S. Stoltzfus Star Dog Breeder   
25. Esther Nolt Star Dog Breeder    50. Lorilee Thomas Star Dog Breeder   
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